About Springbrook

Outstanding Universal Value!

The Springbrook World Heritage area comprises a number of properties that make up one of  the major remaining areas of rainforest in South East Queensland. It represents outstanding examples of major stages of the Earth’s evolutionary history, ongoing geological and biological processes, and exceptional biological diversity.

A wide range of plant and animal lineages and communities with ancient origins in Gondwana, many of which are restricted largely or entirely to the Gondwana Rainforests of which The Springbrook World Heritage area is part, survive in this collection of reserves. The Springbrook World Heritage area also provides the principal habitat for many threatened species of plants and animals.

Alberts Lyrebird December 2014

Springbrook has a small community of 300 households spread across the plateau. Existing businesses are low impact ‘Mum and Dad’ businesses servicing the community and tourism markets. There are minimal services, with no reticulated water or sewerage on the mountain.

Springbrook National Park is a small park of 6900 hectares nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, 2500 hectares is listed as World Heritage.