Proponents of $100m cableway project for Gold Coast Hinterland say they’ll bid (sic) their time

Gold Coast Bulletin

Environment Minister Steven Miles has brushed off a push for the Gold Coast Skyride, saying the idea was “inappropriate” and would likely be dismissed.

Mr Stevens has lashed out in response, saying the project had become a political issue which would never be fairly assessed on its merits.

“My advice to the consortium would be not to submit an official application for the cableway because the green-controlled Labor Government will not review it fairly,” he said.

“When we proposed something similar they knocked it back for ridiculous reason like it being a bushfire risk, or that we simply couldn’t build it on the slopes of the mountain.

“It defies logic that they think we would operate the ride in a bushfire and let the passengers barbecue and they wouldn’t even let our engineers look at the land to assess how to do it.

“This project would create 1200 jobs during construction and around 580 to the area after and they won’t even assess it, based on its merits.”

On the Coast to promote visitation to National Parks, Mr Miles didn’t sound impressed with the Skyride idea.

 “There isn’t a proposal at the moment for a cableway or anything like that,” he said.
 “Our view would probably be that that’s inappropriate but it would be up to proponents to come forward and we’d assess it.”

“We’ve revisited the framework by which we assess eco-tourism proposals and we really do want to see new facilities in our national parks, more reasons for people to visit because we want people to have those experiences.

“But they have to be sensitive and appropriate to the location and to the conservation values of the location.”

The Labor Government has introduced a Bill to Parliament aimed at repealing amendments to the Nature Conservation Act made by the LNP and voted for by Mr Stevens.

The LNP changed the object of the Act from focusing solely on conserving nature to allowing indigenous management of protected areas in which they have an interest; the use of protected areas by the community; and the social, cultural and commercial use of protected areas in a way consistent with the natural and cultural and other values of the areas.


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Media release: Springbrook – too small, too special, too unsafe for a skyride!

MEDIA RELEASE 29th January 2015

Springbrook – too small, too special, too unsafe for a skyride!

No matter who wins the Queensland election on Saturday, the Cableway No Way group (CWNW) will continue to oppose the proposal to build a cableway through the World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park as being too small, too special and too unsafe for a skyride.

According to CWNW spokesperson, Ms Ceris Ash, the proposal announced in October by sole shareholder and Member of Parliament Ray Stevens of Mermaid Beach, is an old idea, following much the same route as the proposal led by Mr Stevens 17 years ago.

“No matter who wins this State election, the facts remain that Springbrook is not the right place for a theme park ride bringing mass tourism to this tiny, fragile national park and the head of our water supply catchment,’ said Ceris. “Both the assessment by Gold Coast City Council and the Coordinator General’s report, as well as submissions from individuals from around the city and groups such as Gecko, together with over 12,000 signatures on a petition, convinced the then Beattie Government that the cableway should be refused 15 years ago. It was a bad idea then, and it’s a bad idea now!”

“The cableway was considered too unsafe due to high fire danger, very steep, erodible slopes, narrow winding roads for trucks and buses and possible contamination of our water. The changes the LNP made to the Nature Conservation Act that now allow for commercial development don’t change the facts that a cableway is inappropriate in this small, fragile, very special area.”

For more on this issue, please phone Ceris Ash, Cableway No Way – 0418 454 732 and visit

Up with the Chickens media release

Stop Playing Chicken, Mermaid Ray


2229 Gold Coast Highway Nobby Beach

The Cableway No Way (CWNW) protestors will be ‘up with the chickens’ on Tuesday morning, looking for answers from Mermaid Beach MP Ray Stevens about his interests in the proposed “Skyride” through Springbrook National Park.

CWNW spokesperson Ceris Ash said that Mr Stevens had been “walking on eggshells”, since announcing his role as investor and advisor in the reported $100million” cableway project, trying to keep out of the limelight and avoid journalists’ questions.

“He made the news last week when he performed a “chicken dance” in an attempt to avoid a journalist’s question about a conflict of interest and why he hadn’t released advice from the Integrity Commissioner,” Ms Ash said. “So we’ll be visiting Nobby Beach, down from the polling booth, “clucking” about our concerns.”

Mr Stevens – a Member of Parliament, Assistant Minister and Manager of Government Business in the LNP Government – announced his involvement as the sole shareholder to the project in Parliament late last year, citing support from the Integrity Commissioner that there was no conflict of interest.

The CWNW group wants answers about why Mr Stevens, who is “scratching out a living” of at least $185,000 per year as an MP, can moonlight on project that needs the approval of his parliamentary colleagues.

This isn’t just any project either – the project will cut right through the middle of the internationally significant, world heritage listed Springbrook National Park,” Ms Ash said, “made possible by changes to legislation he voted on to make commercial use a primary purpose of our national parks.”

“How is that not a conflict of interest?”

“Talk about ruffling feathers,” Ms Ash said. “The last thing for the Springbrook community and for our tourism industry is another Queensland world heritage area in danger”. “It’s a “bird-brain” idea, to put such a development on state owned land, through the middle of a small world heritage area, with more than 60 threatened species, high fire danger and at the head of the Gold Coast water supply, where there is no sewage treatment.”

The CWNW group has been holding a series of pop up protests around the coast in an effort to get answers and inform the public about this threat to the “green behind the gold” at Springbrook.

We’re tired of the “hard boiled” attitude of the LNP towards our precious environment, and of “playing chicken” with constituents who want answers. If there is a report from the Integrity Commissioner, then release it and stop all this speculation,” Ms Ash said. “But if it’s a “cock and bull” story, then there are more questions Mr Stevens will need to answer.”

“Hopefully, he won’t “chicken out” again.

Join us at a “chicken little” event, Tuesday 27 January, 2015, 8:45am. Gold Coast Hwy, Nobby Beach.