Read the Cableway report – May 2021

Download and read the 2021 Springbrook Cableway pre-feasibility Assessment Prospectus

1. The numbers don’t stack up. There’s no way that 12% of the 38% of overnight visitors cited in this report will sustain patronage needed to cover costs. Projections of over 1600 passengers a day EVERY DAY?! Pfffffft.

2. Wages more than operational costs blows out budget.

3. Break even will take a decade.

4. Why are ratepayers footing this bill for a private company?

5. It’s a national park. Is nothing sacred?

6. We have done feasibility on this already in 2001 and it didn’t measure up

7. Where’s the tender process for further feasibility studies? Did Urbis write this report with knowledge there was $500k for next report or was Council so impressed to find someone to contradict previous studies and tell us all this is a great idea that they immediately decided to just give that gig to urbis?

8. Springbrook lacks the infrastructure to support a spike of tourists. It’s a sensitive area.

9. It’s cost prohibitive to most people

10. Private v public interests – socialising costs to privatise profits – is it really the Gold Coast way? Cableways…beach bars…cruise ship terminals…night racing…see a pattern here? The pattern is private interests with agendas seem to be pressuring council and state into stupid ideas so they can make a profit.

Don’t be fooled, ppl. These interests use any mechanisms and loopholes to push things over a line and get those boxes ticked. Be careful what you wish for.

We can’t afford to make silly mistakes based on whims and your rates.

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