The Proponents

Who is behind this?

The businessmen behind Gold Coast Skyride include Terry Morris, Terry Jackman, Bruce Mathieson and John Hembrow.

The consortium is being advised by and includes Gold Coast based politician Ray Stevens, who planned and pushed for the failed Naturelink cableway in the same area in 1998.  Along with Stevens, the other directors of Naturelink were Terry Morris and Wayne Moran (currently chief of staff to Gold Coast Mayor Tate).  Interestingly, Ray Stevens’ domain is registered in the name of Wayne Moran through his business.


Company documents (below) show that Ray Stevens, Liberal National Party (LNP) member for Mermaid Beach registered Gold Coast Skyride Pty Ltd, under the company name Neranwood Views Pty Ltd in August.

His company, Ruray, named for himself and his wife (Ruth), owns all the class A shares.  The Qld LNP has recently made broad scale changes to the Queensland Nature Conservation Act to allow development in our National Parks. The involvement of MP Ray Stevens is being scrutinised.

The Director’s of Gold Coast Skyride are:

  • Owen Yong Gee (appointed 3/10/2014)
  • Patrick Jackman (appointed 5/11/2014)
  • John Hembrow (appointed 5/11/2014)
  • Terence Morris (appointed 5/11/2014)
  • Colin Pate (appointed 5/11/2014)

Raymond Stevens was removed as a Director effective from 5/11/2014. Colin Pate’s address is in Bombala NSW, there is a GP called Dr Colin Pate in Bombala NSW.

Polly’s Kitchen is now owned by Gold Coast Skyride which was previously called Neranwood Views.

The shareholders of Gold Coast Skyride are:

  • Ruray Pty Ltd (Raymond Stevens is the Director and Secretary)
  • Marylebone Pty Ltd (Owen Yong Gee is the Director and Secretary)

ASIC documents – redacted to hide personal details despite all information being in the public domain:

The ASIC searches were carried out on 20/12/2014. Details such as office bearers and shareholders are subject to regular change and new searches should be conducted before relying on the information.

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