Media release: Springbrook – too small, too special, too unsafe for a skyride!

MEDIA RELEASE 29th January 2015

Springbrook – too small, too special, too unsafe for a skyride!

No matter who wins the Queensland election on Saturday, the Cableway No Way group (CWNW) will continue to oppose the proposal to build a cableway through the World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park as being too small, too special and too unsafe for a skyride.

According to CWNW spokesperson, Ms Ceris Ash, the proposal announced in October by sole shareholder and Member of Parliament Ray Stevens of Mermaid Beach, is an old idea, following much the same route as the proposal led by Mr Stevens 17 years ago.

“No matter who wins this State election, the facts remain that Springbrook is not the right place for a theme park ride bringing mass tourism to this tiny, fragile national park and the head of our water supply catchment,’ said Ceris. “Both the assessment by Gold Coast City Council and the Coordinator General’s report, as well as submissions from individuals from around the city and groups such as Gecko, together with over 12,000 signatures on a petition, convinced the then Beattie Government that the cableway should be refused 15 years ago. It was a bad idea then, and it’s a bad idea now!”

“The cableway was considered too unsafe due to high fire danger, very steep, erodible slopes, narrow winding roads for trucks and buses and possible contamination of our water. The changes the LNP made to the Nature Conservation Act that now allow for commercial development don’t change the facts that a cableway is inappropriate in this small, fragile, very special area.”

For more on this issue, please phone Ceris Ash, Cableway No Way – 0418 454 732 and visit

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