Ray refuses to talk – the pressure builds.


Mermaid Beach MP Ray Stevens has refused to talk about a proposed Hinterland cableway


Mermaid Beach MP Ray Stevens.

Mermaid Beach MP Ray Stevens.

TRY calling the “cable guy” who remains silent.

Ray Stevens has been asked more than a dozen times in the past two months — by the Bulletin, the State Opposition and other MPs — to release information about his $100 million Skyride plan.

Among the critical questions the Mermaid Beach MP needs to answer is whether he intends to release details of the letters exchanged between himself and the Integrity Commissioner about his role in the project.

Proposed cableway site in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Proposed cableway site in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

The Bulletin today tracks the requests to provide comment which have been rejected or ignored.

A Right To Information application has revealed the only way this material will become public is if Mr Stevens or the Premier Campbell Newman decides to release it.

The Bulletin was advised that if the Integrity Commissioner documents existed in the office of the Premier that material “would most likely not be subject to the RTI Act and therefore would not be considered for release”. Under laws which govern the office of the Integrity Commissioner, the only way correspondence will be released is if the politician involved decides to do so.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has made seven specific requests, and in State Parliament asked the Premier, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney and National Parks Minister Steve Dickson what they knew about the project.

Proposed Cableway site for the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Proposed Cableway site for the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Ms Palaszczuk had asked Mr Newman to release the advice from the Integrity Commissioner which Mr Stevens had provided to him.

Mr Newman in Parliament told the Opposition leader “it was a matter for the assistant minister”.

“I reiterate today that the assistant minister will have nothing to do with the approvals for that matter. I also confirm that I have sighted the advice, and the Integrity Commissioner provides a clearance,” he said. Gaven independent MP Alex Douglas, in a statement on his website, also asked Mr Stevens to release details after providing no information in his most recent householder letter.

The Mermaid Beach MP outlined laws to control party houses, police targeting of bikie gangs and improved health services but did not mention his project.

Opposition members vow they will be “relentless” in holding Mr Stevens and Mr Newman to account.

10 questions

we’d like to ask Ray Stevens
Let us know what you’d like to know in the comments section below:

  1. Why won’t you release the Integrity Commissioner’s advice on your role in the Gold Coast cable-car project?
  2. Roughly how many hours per week will you devote to your role as investor and adviser to the project?
  3. What is your investment in the project and are you being paid for your work?
  4. The people of Queensland are paying you almost $300,000 a year. How are they receiving value for money now that you have taken a part-time job?
  5. The roles of MP and assistant minister demand long hours and focus. Shouldn’t you devote all your working time to your elected duties?
  6. Do you contact and meet with fellow proponents Terry Moore and Terry Jackman?
  7. Have you had any contact with fellow Gold Coast MPs seeking further information about the cable-car project?
  8. If residents of your electorate have concerns about the project, who should they talk to given you are compromised in this matter?
  9. Do you intend to run for re-election at the 2015 State Election or retire from Parliament to focus on your cable-car project?
  10. You recently sent out a letter to your electorate noting recent developments. Why didn’t you acknowledge your new part-time job?



Like the Gold Coast Bulletin, we welcome your questions in the comments.  We have started by poaching them from the article.

Government failure to act on Ray Stevens’ clear conflict of interest could have significant self-inflicted consequences

MERMAID Ray, aka the Cable Guy, is taking us all for a ride.

The Gold Coast MP, whose real name is Ray Stevens, may think he has a right to moonlight as a consultant and investor on a $100 million cable-car project.

He may also believe he’s assuaged public opinion by promising to place himself at arm’s length from any of the project’s interactions with the Newman Government.

However, potential conflict of interest cases like Stevens’ are always about perception. In all ways you look at the scenario of a senior government member being involved in a project reliant on government decisions, the perception is abysmal.

The Government’s failure to fathom this at the earliest opportunity could have significant self-inflicted consequences.

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This article really gets to the core of one of the troubling aspects of this project.

There is a stench rising in the north — and it leads unerringly back to the Newman Government, whose administration is looking more like the corrupt Joh Bjelke-Petersen regime every day.

One such malodourous case, which provides a case study in how the Newman Government has opened up Queensland for potential political corruption, is that of LNP MP ‘Mermaid’ Ray Stevens and his proposed Gold Coast ‘Skyride’ cablecar development.
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