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Dear Minister Scanlon,

Thank you for taking an interest in the Gold Coast City Council's push for studies for a Cableway to Springbrook. The Mayor is requesting an MOU from the State Government giving support to further studies. We request you don’t give this MOU.

Most of the State and Council land along the proposed cableway route are areas of high conservation and unsuitable for construction of such intrusive infrastructure. Gondwana Rainforests, of which Springbrook National Park is a part, were recently assessed by the IUCN World Heritage Outlook Report 2020 to have deteriorated from "good with some concerns" to "significant concerns".

Springbrook National Park is a small, fragile area, not designed for mass tourism. There is a significant lack of infrastructure like sewerage and town water, and these services will need to be exported and imported to support any influx of tourists coinciding with a cableway. In addition, the impact would be too great on the native flora and fauna as a result of the clearing and building of the cableway and continue to threaten those species already in danger.

The Coordinator General's report of 8 November 2000 clearly outlines why a cableway to Springbrook should not be built, and we believe therefore, that the proposed business feasibility study would be an unnecessary waste of public funds.

Thank you.

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