Gary Pead (ALP Mermaid candidate) on the cableway

From Gary Pead’s website:

The LNP’s Ray Stevens continues to treat the Mermaid Beach electorate with contempt in our Meet the Candidate radio interview today on the ABC Gold Coast’s Mornings program.

He still refuses to release the integrity commissioners report about his private development project into the Gold Coast’s World Heritage listed National Park in Springbrook.

The proposed Springbrook cableway was rejected as being unviable and unsuitable 16 years ago. It was reported that the original failed project was intended to be sold off to overseas interests as soon as it was approved so that developers could make a quick buck. What’s stopping Ray Stevens doing the same if he is re-elected? Absolutely nothing. He isn’t interested in its viability, Gold Coast tourism, sustainability or whether it’s even appropriate for Springbrook.

My stance as a vehement opponent to the development of this World Heritage listed site has not changed, nor has the stance of the majority of the Gold Coast community. This is sheer profiteering by Ray Stevens; an opportunistic grab, using his position as a minister in the state government to secure millions of dollars in profit for himself. This is on top of his obscene parliamentary salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Voters in Mermaid Beach are livid. He must be voted out.


Still fighting the same fight: me about to make a speech at the anti-cableway rally I organised in October 2000.


Click the link below to hear an excerpt from ABC Gold Coast Mornings program with Nicole Dyer where I call Ray Stevens’ integrity into question.

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