It’s 2021 – here we go again

It seems that every 5 years, on average, the proposal to build a cableway to Springbrook rears its ugly head. Right on cue, here we go again with the Gold Coast Council making yet another push for this ridiculous idea.

It seems that the latest push is for a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) but almost 10 years ago this was seen as a flawed model

Meanwhile, Mayor Tate released some of the report on feasibility of cableway. You can read the report (starting on page 63) here

Of course we always knew that since the Council paid for the report it would say how wonderful a Cableway to Springbrook would be.

The State Government has said no funding any further studies for a cableway. Unless there is a developer with very deep pockets you, the rate payer, who will be forking out millions of dollars for them.

But it isn’t all smooth sailing for the mayor. Fortunately we have some councillors who pay attention to what is going on.

Fortunately, the media, biased as the Murdoch stable is, have been giving the story some space

The petition is currently broken. We are working on it.

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